5 Best Catholic Universities in the World

The ranking of the best universities is mainly based on students review; comprehensive design and gathering result from trusted publishers. The Catholic Church has been a major player in the delivery of higher education. Since the Renaissance period, many things have changed, but the academic excellence of Catholic Schools has maintained its position at the top. Catholic Universities offers a wide range of courses ranging from business, engineering, medicine, and law among others. Catholic Universities tend to transform academic education as well as upholding the doctrines of the church, services and community leadership. Students rush to Catholic schools to meet their academic, social and professional needs. Here are 5 best Catholic Universities in the World according to various trusted sources:

1. University of Notre Dame

It is a private school sponsored by Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Cross. The school is found in Notre Dame, Indiana. Edward F. Sorin, a priest of Holy Cross Congregation, started it in 1842. The University holds traditional values and opens to change regarding scientific research and recognizes law marriage rights and benefits. The schools have maintained its look and among the universities that have been regularly ranked the best by United States News and World Report. The university offers courses both masters and bachelors from science, arts, engineering to business.

2. Loyola University Maryland

The school was started in 1852 by Society of Jesus. The religious people were very dedicated to educational research. The university is much valued in the whole of Baltimore. The school population is about 3500 students. The minimal community is to make sure those students receive quality education and entertainment. Its location is favorable for international students. It is located in prosperous metropolitan cities where students can get exposure to events, choices and extra curriculum activities.

3. Santa Clara University

It was started in 1851 as a preparatory school. In 1912, the schools had transformed into a big university and first co-education center in California. The school offers various degree programs such as business, law, medicine, psychology, and counseling. Santa Clara is known for its mission and dedication of educating a person wholly from body, mind to soul. The school strives to blend well with the traditions of the church and high tech innovation to foster superior educational programs. The goal of the school is to shape the next generation of global thinkers and world-class leaders.

4. Georgetown University

The school was started in 1789. It is a non-profit and private organization sponsored by Jesuit and Catholic Ministries. It is located in Washington DC and has satellite campuses in Italy, Qatar, and Turkey. The university has more than 50 degree and master programs. Additionally, it offers few doctoral courses. Within the school, there is the School of Foreign Service that has been ranked the first in Foreign Policy graduate program.

5. Villanova University

The school is found in Villanova, Pennsylvania. It was started in 1842. The university is home to various special Olympic champions hosting more than 1000 athletes. The retention rate of students is more than 95%. The students are exposed to support and pastoral services to enhance their personal growth and development.